Organic…Really Worth It?

Making major lifestyle changes requires making many smaller changes. I didn’t get to where I am now overnight. This has been a process, years in the making. I’ve complied a short list of small changes one can make fairly easily. There’s no real order, as each step carries its own weight of importance.

  1. Switch to organic food.
  2. Use natural cleaners.
  3. Shop second-hand, trade or borrow items needed.
  4. Drive less, walk, or use public transportation.
  5. Decrease use of plastic.
  6. Eliminate meat, dairy, and eggs.
  7. Stop using and accepting disposable or single-use items.
  8. Declutter every area of your life.
  9. Only purchase what you truly need and change how much you think you need.
  10. Shop in bulk.

I will be getting into each step in further detail in my next 9 blogs. For now, I will start with the first one on the list.

One of the first places I chose to make a change in my lifestyle would be starting to purchase organic food. I will admit that it wasn’t until a move of mine. Going to, what most would call, a “regular” grocery store was a little out of the way and a co-op was much closer to my home. At the time, this place was a little hole-in-the-wall, tiny, so hard to get through the aisle place, and I fell in love immediately.

I must say this change didn’t even feel like a change. This step doesn’t require one to stop doing anything, only adjusting.

Now why is this important? What difference does it really make? Because why put chemicals and other unnatural things into our bodies? With organic, pesticides aren’t used and there will be no genetically modified ingredients, usually known as GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. One of the easiest ways to avoid these would be shopping locally or from a farmer’s market. Look into purchasing a CSA or  Community Supported Agriculture. There are so many around and can be found with a quick search online. If purchased from a grocery store, just make sure the items are in the organic section, usually right in the mix with conventional.

Tip: look at the PLU or barcode to help.

  • a 4-digit, starting with a 3 or 4, is conventional
  • a 5-digit, starting with an 8, is GMO (so let’s stay away from those ones!)
  • a 5-digit, starting with a 9, is organic

Take a peak at the links below for more information.








Goditi la vita!



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