Let’s Get Shopping

One of my fondest memories from childhood is when my mom and I would go hunting for some great finds. By this, I mean going to a second hand store and looking for different and fun things; things not found in newer stores. We would go on Saturdays; start off choosing a cute spot for breakfast, and then we’d go to some second hand, antique, or thrift store. I remember finding things I didn’t even know what they originally were. We’d find cheap and cute furniture, once an awesome vintage coat, and other cute knick knacks.

This is something I chose to continue to do; going somewhere fun and finding things on the cheap! I’ve outfitted my kitchen with Mason jars (while transitioning to less plastic), found uber cheap.

When it comes to needing something, where do you first think to go? Maybe online, your local mall, or a large retail chain? And how much do you think the total cost is for those items? Before making a purchase, first do some thinking.

  • Is this purchase a need or a want?
  • Do you already have this item in your home?
  • How long will you own it?
  • Can it be borrowed?
  • Can I find it gently used and less pricey?

When it comes to living simply, with intention, and lessening our carbon footprint, shopping second hand is a great option. But first thinking if it’s something one can do without is where shopping (of any kind) really needs to begin. It’s amazing how little we really need to live comfortably.

I have found how few items are used throughout my day. Getting to this realization has helped me spend less on things. I actually enjoy the hunt; seeking some hidden treasure somewhere. I do understand buying new is just sometimes a necessity and the only way to go, but for the majority of things, getting it second hand or gently used can be just fine.

Check below for some pics…


The first outfit was probably around $8.00. At least I think that’s how much the pants cost. The tee was free, found at a neighbors who put a bunch of stuff out in the front lawn with a “Free” sign. I grabbed a handful of tees that day, only keeping 2.

The second outfit was just over $1.99, which was the cost of the shorts (they were also 50% off). The shirt was a free item found at a recycling drop-off site that allows items to be left. (That’s my Cadence, who had to be in the shot too!)

The dress, to be honest was not second hand when purchased, however I have had it now for 17 years. I’ve gone through a few weight fluctuations over the years, but knew I’d get back to where I should be, and I’ve kept this dress waiting to be able to wear it again…and now I am!

Although holding on to that dress for so long is not something I normally would have done, I was just never able to part with it. It’s so comfortable and pretty!

I love shopping second hand. It has saved me so much money over the years and I encourage this road when making purchases.

Again, any tips you can think to add or any questions, feel free to comment or email.

Goditi la vita!


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