My Ferocious Simplicity

I wanted to post a short follow-up from Ferocious Simplicity showing how I’m doing it.









Picture 1 is my closet. I recently did another inventory of this stuff, which is why it looks so organized. Everything I use regularly is super handy and easy to access. My smaller suitcase is holding all my seasonal clothing and accessories and extras that are not in use at the moment. I don’t subscribe to a specific concept for this, such as Courtney Carver’s Project 333, but I do try to keep those ideas in mind when I think about my wardrobe. Currently I have 138 total pieces in my wardrobe. That number includes EVERYTHING. It covers all clothing for all seasons: outer and “inner” wear, shoes, all accessories, jewelry, etc. This number has gone down drastically over the recent years, as I’ve taken inventory before, so I’ve been able to see my progress.

Picture 2 is my office. This computer bag holds all my “office” supplies. It’s big enough for my laptop, one small file folder with important documents, other folders holding current paperwork, and other stuff needed like envelopes, a stapler etc. It’s also big enough to hold all electronic devices and accessories needed.

Picture 3 is my one and only bookcase. This 3-tired shelf holds almost all my books (a couple are in storage), my few photo albums, and several other various notebooks and such. Not all these books will be kept. Only a handful will remain, such as books written by family members and a couple others used for reference and such. The photo albums will also get scanned and discarded at some point. The emerald green album shown on the bottom shelf was put together by my late grandmother, Patricia. This was a high school graduation gift that I got, along with my sisters when they graduated. It pretty much is a book of our lives up to that point. My grandmother was never without a camera when I was growing up. This album may take much longer to get rid of than many other items. But that’s a piece of this journey. You discard what doesn’t work in your life anymore, but it’s to make room for what does. And this book has meant so much to me over the years, that this isn’t one of those items that is easily tossed. That’s the whole point of customizing this journey to fit YOU.

Picture 4 is the entertainment area. This shelf holds the TV, DVD player, the small basket holds movies and some cords, an original Nintendo with accessories in the small suitcase, and a few other odds and ends in the drawers. A majority of my movies are digital on an external hard drive with only a handful as hard copy.

The point of all of this is doing what works for you. It’s also to show that it’s possible. I know most of you don’t know what I was like as a child, but I can tell you that there’s been a major transformation when it comes to this stuff. I used to hold all my memories in stuff. I would always have to have a souvenir when traveling showing I was there. I collected stuffed animals, rocks, sports stuff, family memorabilia…just stuff. I’ll admit one thing that has helped me get to this point is all the moving I’ve done. First, I started feeling bad having whoever was helping me (usually Mom) dealing with me moving so much and the amount. And all that started annoying me too. I thought having less would make moves much easier…and I was RIGHT! My last 2 moves have been fairly simple and super quick and with needing less help. And yet my purging continues. Another easy motivator for me is thinking about the amount of money that has gone into purchasing this stuff over the years. I would hate to know of the amount of money that has gone into the stuff I’ve had over the years. But all that’s over now. We still make purchases, but they can be made mindfully. Purchasing quality over quantity. Using what you already have. Borrowing what’s needed. Waiting to make a purchase. Asking yourself questions before making a purchase. Really thinking about it. Keeping in mind that with every purchase being made, that was time away from home, family, friends, and everything else that brings joy. And going even further, keeping in mind that with every purchase, that’s also contributing to someone else’s time away from home, family, friends, and things that bring them joy. This system of extracting from the Earth, making something that will be here longer than us, just for us to purchase with currency made by going somewhere and making someone else more currency just doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to me. Sure I need some things to live, survive, and thrive. But it’s so much less than what we’ve been made to believe. In fact, to get to the point of thriving, it’s been shown that having less distractions is the way to get to that point. So let’s focus our attention on things that matter and have lastly impressions rather than on trivial things that have a fleeting affect on us.

Goditi la vita!


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