Home Tour: Part 4-Entry Closet & Kitchen

**I must apologize that the sound and video don’t match up completely. This video was shot multiple times and I just really wanted to get it posted. (Don’t worry, this’ll be the only one.)

I forgot to mention our cookware collection, which consists of 2 crockpots (1 small, 1 medium size; we both had 1), 2 frying pans (1 small, 1 large), 2 medium size pots, and 1 large pot. We also have a couple bread pans and 1 medium size baking pan.

Since the start of these videos, we have purged even more items. Both of our wardrobes are able to fit into our larger suitcases. The only items that weren’t able to fit would be our shoes and outerwear.


Other items that will be purged will be some board games and the Nintendo (we just don’t play enough). Other miscellaneous items will also be going in the next couple of weeks. This has been an ongoing process and I’m very happy to say it’s almost complete. Going forward is just the maintaining, which will be much easier.

I hope this showed that you CAN be a minimalist and still have some things. The whole point is to live without excess, within your means, and with the things that are needed and the things that bring you the most joy. As you saw in the Living Room post, my fiancé is an aspiring full-time artist. That type of career requires art supplies. This is OK! We have some books. That’s OK! We’re just purging things that weigh us down, bring unhappy thoughts, things that aren’t being used, etc.

Keep what you need and love. Get rid of everything else!

(But don’t just toss into the trash. Please dispose of your items safely and appropriately. If someone else is needing something, why not offer to them? Ask around to see if you’re able to unload to someone else who may need these items. Donate to animal (and human) shelters, hospitals/clinics, Habitat for Humanity, or thrift stores. Look around to see where items are needed, because the landfills are more than overloaded. And just because an item is no longer needed in YOUR home does not mean it’s worthless or doesn’t have any life left.)

If you have any questions about where to send an item, let me know. I will look and find a place for everything, including items that do need to be disposed of.

Like I mentioned in the video, there will be 1 last Home Tour video. This will be about art. No, not all minimalists like plain white walls (although I’ve been there…not too fun). I’ve always enjoyed color on my walls, and I’ve always tried to put up what I love the most.

Goditi la Vita!

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