Home Tour: Art

In the dining room, there are 2 pieces (3rd is still in the works to get ready). They were both painted by my step-mom, Lisa (one of THE best artists I know). The one on the left is a replica of a photograph taken in Hungary and looks exactly like the photo. That was a family trip (many years ago) and everyone who was on that trip has a print, so it’s a way that we’re all connected, living many miles apart. The piece on the right is Zelda the Zebra. This is a more recent piece, and the minute I saw her, I immediately wanted her. She’s just so beautiful.

20170426_175006 (1)

The living room has a majority of our art. The first pic is Fred. This piece hangs above my fiancé’s work station and is another piece made by Lisa. This piece is made from upcycled bike parts, game pieces, and a cigar box. He’s so fun!


These photos are what we call “the story of us.” In our last place, we had them all framed, but wanted to do something different as those frames were pretty weighty and needed a ton of nails to have them on the wall. In this place, we opted to take them out of the frames and put them up on a twine line with clothes pins. These photos are of road trips, birthdays, events, and random days hanging out. This is one of my favorites.

20170426_175105 (1)

This is what I call the gallery wall. This wall has an assortment of pieces; local artists from Minneapolis, Stillwater (MN), and Asheville, NC, more pieces by Lisa, a photograph taken by my mom, a canvas painted by my fiancé (Behzad, aka baldspotstudios), a clay mask I made in elementary or junior high school, a piece Behzad found at a thrift shop, a piece of driftwood, and a part of a trophy I won with my 2 sisters. Going forward, we’ll put more of our own pieces up.

20170426_175043 (1)

I know one of the myths of minimalism is “minimalist” artwork or maybe nothing on the walls. This is one area I love to bust because I love having color on the walls. However, I do believe that art should be carefully selected and should only be what you really love. Throw out what you think should be on your walls and go for what speaks to you. I’m super lucky in that I have artists in my family and I’ve always enjoyed photography myself.

So, that’s all the art. Who knows, some pieces may get switched out here and there to make room for others. But that’s the point; it should always be customized to you.

Again, this is something that should take thought and care. Pare down your art to only what you love. But make sure you’re not being influenced by anyone else. Guide yourself and you’ll never go wrong.


Goditi la vita!

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