The Trip…What Worked, What Didn’t

One thing I forgot to mention regarding the tea I brought; I did have some hassle going through security at one of the airports. It wasn’t a huge hassle, but not something that was too enjoyable either, as I was in “trouble” for not having my e-reader out, which was the initial reason for the need to look through my bag. I brought a few pairs of socks, which ended up taking up more valuable space as I only needed one pair. Next time, I’d only bring one or two and then just wash them myself. Again, when carrying everything on your back, weight is extremely imperative, and everything counts. I also ended up not bringing the stainless steel container, which I’m glad about.

The pics below show 2 out of the only 3 purchases I made. They were all from local stores, no chains, and the ring was a handmade item, found from a street artist from Colombia, living in Sweden. He also made the ear cuff as a “gift” right in front of me. He makes all his items from old, antique silver spoons of varying sizes.

All in all, I tried my best to be as zero-waste as possible. My Klean Kanteen was used everyday, my reusable cloth shopping bag was used when needed, my To-Go Ware utensils came in handy as well as my napkin, and we weren’t out shopping like crazy. The minimal packing was a learning lesson, as I mentioned in the video that not everything was needed or used. This was also my first trip in 18 years overseas, so it’s been a while since I’ve been in practice with this.

It was definitely a trip of a lifetime, and one I’ll never forget. I have such a wonderful friend, who I am so thankful for inviting me to go with her!

Goditi La Vita!


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